LIVE, LOVE and do your BEST. Rejoice if you succeed and accept when you fail. But always remember that ACCEPTANCE is not a sign of defeat. It is an acknowledgment of the facts — what went wrong or simply that could not be. Then muster the courage to stand up, move on…. and never think of what others will say… After all, in the end, it is not between you or the others … It is between you and GOD, anyway.


Stargazer uses the aura, energies & vibrations as focal points of her psychic readings.  She identifies the blockages of oneself which hinder growth in life and add on to the negativity surrounding circumstances.  She “reads” energies to open up truths in a person that sometimes hurt but must be changed for the better.  By this, her goal is to elevate the psychic ability from a  mere fortune telling session to a more meaningful “life coaching experience”.

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Predictions 2019

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Predictions 2018

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Predictions 2017

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Using energies to see Beyond and make the positive work for you