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Predictions 2016 July 3, 2018

Predictions 2016
Written on Dec. 3, 2015
Aired on Pinoy Vibes, DZMM TELERADYO on Dec 27, 2015
Todo Todo Walang Preno Dec 31, 2015
Kris Tv taping on Dec 21, 2015
Magandang Morning with Julius and Nina Jan. 3, 2016
  • Explosions, rocking of buildings will continue
  • Passenger aircraft bursting like a ball of fire on air
  • Subway explosions in Europe
  • Tanker exploding in Fire
  • Light streaking across the sky – missile like
  • Indian or Pakistani looking people running away from explosion
  • Hill eroding killing many people
  • Big avalanche
  • Attempt on the life of a leader
  • Death/Slaughter of children
  • North Korean controversial stand
  • Alliance of nations against terrorists.. killing of terrorists
  • Asteroid discovery that can pose very big harm to earth
  • Saturn findings
  • Amsterdam in headlines
  • Myanmar, Malta, Uzbekistan, Mongolia big news
  • Falling of a big monument
  • Rebellion in Greece
  • Indian troops mobilization
  • Notable Female protegee from the Philippines in Asian contest
  • National Poker champion from Philippines
  • Science
  • Very bad acid rain
  • Exodus of forest animals
  • Whales/dolphins dead on seashores
  • Sink hole in South America
  • Important discovery about UFO’s
  • New surgical procedure for heart patients
  • Discovery of a boar like animal specie that can be traced to prehistoric roots
  • New plant specie
  • Attempt on the life of a leader
  • Something to do with Mt. Apo
  • Announcement of engagement of a heart throb
  • Accident of a famous middle aged actor
  • Pregnancy again of a young character actress
  • Betrayal of one political appointee
  • Passing away of a female politician
  • Worsening of health of a national political candidate
  • Mindanao province in drought
  • Earthquake above intensity 7
  • Sea vessels accident
  • Bitter overtones of a political ally in the government
  • Abu Sayaff more active
  • Terrorist sighted and/or be caught in the Philippines
  • Passing away of a journalist.
  • (This was written in the first week of December, she died just recently)
  • Controversy of one ambassador or consul
  • Turncoats in government
  • Martial Arts will prevail
  • Food industry and services will prosper
  • Vice Ganda in another controversy with a fellow artist.
  • Sir Chief should be careful with his health
  • As discussed on Kris Tv … other stars featured
  • Luis Manzano … Since it is a relationship year for him…
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