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Predictions 2020 January 16, 2020


Written Dec. 11, 2019

Magandang buhay ( taping Dec. 20) airing Jan. 1, 2020

Pinoy Vibes first part aired Dec 22

Magandang Morning Dec 29

Todo todo walang preno Dec 31


There may be a lot of challenges but they are meant to be surpassed. The strength, the love and the will to go on is far more stronger.


On a certain day, people will cry out and fight for something. This will be a surprise to many. A dialogue will be opened. A unification of some sort will happen to fight a cause.

A high ranking female government official will be controversial. She must be careful on what she will do or say in public.

Politicians E and R must be careful of their health.

A madam must also be careful with her health.

Worsening of health for a very public figure. This may spell something very serious.

A medical doctor will bring us glory.

A lot of earth shaking will still be felt. Mostly Visayas and mindanao. A few in northern Luzon.

Discovery of a new fish specie in the philippines

Unrest in the far southern part of the philippines

A big politician will have a sudden heart attack and …

Shocking revelations will continue on drug issues and it will have a big impact on the Filipino political circle.

Another big bombing may occur if it will not be foiled in time.

A veteran actress with the letter R must really be careful

More diseases to livestock and poultry. We have to be careful of imported food.

More honors in the field of directing, singing and acting. Sports will also shine. Robotics and debating team will bring us honor. Also genius kids in science and math will earn us glory.

Tornado in mindanao

Young actress may get pregnant

Filipino Director to make it big inernationally

Filipino film will win international award

Filipino actor to win an award

online businesses will prosper



Planes deployment



Big train disaster

Something about the Amazon

Discovery of a new tribe in south america

Discovery of a new plant species

Unrest in the middle east area


Israel in news

A new breakthrough in medicine. Specifically surgery.

Big reversal of events in the US

Hawaiian islands,

Haiti in the news

Poland something big

PART TWO written Dec 20, 2019

aired on Pinoy Vibes Dec. 19 and 26

Todo todo Dec 31

The Philippines will break a record in Sports

Unusual sea occurence in the southern part of the philippines

Controversy enveloping a veteran actor

Actress/celebrity will be engaged M

Hiwalayan in showbiz … as in

Talks will continue with insurgents


A mutated animal will come to the surface.

Changing of British policies

Big change in one asian country’s government.

Moscow in the news

Collision on air

Important discovery in space that will affect the earths atmosphere

Missiles in the air


Riots will still escalate


Controversial decisions to be made regarding uprisings