In the late 70’s and 80’s, she was honed by a known Jesuit Priest in the field of the paranormal.  Stargazer also wrote several articles on the paranormal for ASTROSCOPE magazine under the pseudonym FRANCISCO BERNARDO in the mid 90’s.

Privately, Stargazer had been reaching out to beleaguered individuals since 1989.  And only in November 2004 did she make her formal public appearance in Deretsahan w/ Amy Perez (Channel 5).

She has been featured in print media for forecasts and predictions which has a batting average of 90 to 95%, graced both television and radio shows in ABS-CBN, GMA-7, ANC, Studio 23, QTV,Channel’s 4 & 5, DZMM & DZRH.  Stargazer was also invited to speak on several topics regarding the paranormal and self improvement by Rotary Clubs, Hospitals and Schools.

An AB Communication Arts graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University, Stargazer is a Business & Government Permitting Consultant with a very extensive experience in Corporate Research & Development.

Currently, Stargazer is a Radio Anchor of DZMM Teleradyo – the radio arm of ABSCBN. Her show Pinoy Vibes has been airing since Sept. 2007.

Being Psychic has its toll — tremendous pressure. When I speak, people listen to the words … always on the lookout for glimpses of the future that I may speak of. When my eyes move, some stare intently… as if watching if I see beings no one else can see. Some think my life is perfect or has the notion that I can see virtually EVERYTHING. No. I ,too, stumble and fail as I go on with my life. I am HUMAN.

With my own experiences in life, coupled with what I could “see”, I help people get out of their predicaments. It is the most that I could do for others. I could not change DESTINY nor play GOD in this world. I simply help make your lives a little better by following what is right and close to ideal.

I do life readings. I see the aura that envelopes your being. I can see your strengths and your weaknesses. I can tell you the real you even if your pride gets trampled upon by the truth. By touching you, I can feel your energy and vibrations… your joys and pains. I can see the road ahead of you and what is coming. But if at times I do not tell you everything, there is a reason for my silence. It is for you to feel that emotion – for you to be humbled and gain from the experience. Life after all is made rich by experience.. and experience must never be avoided at all.

Stargazer uses the aura, energies & vibrations as focal points of her psychic readings.  She identifies the blockages of oneself which hinder growth in life and add on to the negativity surrounding circumstances.  She “reads” energies to open up truths in a person that sometimes hurt but must be changed for the better.  By this, her goal is to elevate the psychic ability from a  mere fortune telling session to a more meaningful “life coaching experience”.

Using several techniques involving the psychological, spiritual, paranormal and her own experience of the intricacies of life, Stargazer makes one get in touch with his inner and understand life in a positive manner. Faith in God and belief in self is what Stargazer emphasizes on.

As a psychic, Stargazer serves as a strong link between the physical and the spirit world. With her gift of clairvoyance since childhood, she can see spirits and channel their messages. Often times she is sought after to shed light on mysterious deaths, crimes, unfinished businesses or unsaid messages and negative encounters with the “unseen” spirits.   Stargazer also clears up negativity or tames paranormal activity inside a dwelling or office by undertaking “cleansing” techniques thus boosting harmony, good health and prosperity.

The PSYCHIC Phenomena is not of the extraordinary. It is the power that resides deep inside the recesses of the brain…waiting for us to tap and use to help us become who we are. Each and everyone have this so-called “intuition” or sixth sense. Each one of us experience this day by day, applying what we see or feel in our lives.

So, am I special than all the others? Nah! We are all the same. We are all children of one God who live and breathe in this material existence called the Earth. The only difference between me and you is that I had taken advantage of this special gift — the power of the mind which was made in the likeness of God. I took on the challenge, developed the mind and exercised my patience in achieving my goal. I tapped into the endless possibilities, reaching out to the Infinite Power far beyond what the mind can normally recognize.
Cool! They call me PSYCHIC. It is only a name… a tag…a representation. I’d rather be called a HUMAN BEING, truly experiencing what God has given me. Sometimes they mistake me for a Fortuneteller, thinking I am good only for reading fortunes. In this intellectual world, they also call me a PSYCHIC MEDIUM – a being who transcends time and space, even reaching out to beings of other dimensions.

And never ask me what will come out in a lotto game or any game of chance. These gifts are not to be used for mere games of luck. If I knew the numbers, will I give it away?.. probably not.

I speak with words of WISDOM …words that did not come out from a counseling manual nor based on books. I share with a lot of experience — of which I am never ashamed to admit I had gone through. I now share with you……