Call me simply a psychic. I don’t look into the future just to fortune tell. I do life readings based on the aura and vibrations to make people better… I cleanse negativity from people, homes, offices and virtually anywhere… I channel messages from the other world…and I can see spirits.

I’m a human being just like you. I, too, have my share of problems… got my moods, strengths and weaknesses. I don’t play GOD and pretend I’m perfect. The only advantage I’ve got over you is that I know the TRUTH and you cannot lie to me.

Most of all, I do fear GOD and adhere to the principles of KARMA. If one thinks and does ill to others, surely it will come back a hundredfold … or a thousand fold! Hmmm… it depends …

And don’t ask me what numbers will come out in the lotto or any game of chance. These gifts are used not to gain from games of chances. And if I did … would you think I’d give it away?

Welcome to my world!