Negativity Clearing is a process wherein positive energy is used to cleanse a person, dwelling or place of work. There are two aspects of Negativity Clearing:

Personal Negativity Clearing
Cleansing and clearing of a person’s aura & chakras with the use of the following:

  • PRANIC HEALING. Pranic Healing is A no touch healing method whereby the aura is cleansed by the motion of sweeping of a pranic healer’s hands. The chakras are also cleansed, stabilized and revitalized to promote balance and well being.
  • CRYSTAL HEALING. Crystals are used to energize and cleanse the chakras.
  • Stargazer’s own method of personal clearing using the 3 Esses (SSS)… Sound(subliminals), Smoke(incense) and the Sixth Sense (focusing on the third eye).

Negativity Clearing of the Office or House
This clearing method is used to cleanse and balance the energies inside a house or office to promote stability, good health, luck and harmony. Bad luck or misfortune comes in form of negative energies that grow stronger and empowered if not eradicated properly from an area. Unseen forces such as spirits and elementals contribute highly to this imbalance by disturbing and affecting people.