An aura reading focuses on the appearance/colors of the aura as a basis for the past, present and future condition of the person.

Since the aura has several layers, the physical/etheric condition of the body can be easily seen in the aura. A sickness for example, may manifest first in the aura long before a medical diagnosis can be detected and therefore may be prevented or addressed right away.

When one has problems, the emotional layer of the aura will reflect the kind of emotion the person is experiencing and solutions may be derived out of it.

Knowing the colors of your aura will help you with your life. You will be able to know whether you are repelling or attracting the right people in your life. Aura interpretation can also help you with your interaction with people. It will make you more sensitive to people and their predicaments.

One cannot also lie because the aura reader will see that your aura is all gray and dark when your intentions are not good. One cannot fake the aura because it reflects WHO WE REALLY ARE and WHAT WE TRULY FEEL.

Stargazer’s aura reading is further supported by feeling the vibrations emanating from a person. A cross validation of what she “sees” through the aura is confirmed with what she “feels” using the vibrations and numerology.

To augment the reading, Stargazer also looks at the chakras and determines one’s strong and weak points. The chakras are also responsible for the colors that emanate from one’s body.