Find a quiet space for you to meditate and not be disturbed for about 10 minutes. If you wish, you may play soft, soothing music on the background to enhance the exercise. Sit down on a comfortable chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Put your hands with palms up on your lap and let your thumb and middle finger touch each other (this is scientifically proven to send signals to your brain to relax).

Then take a few deep breaths. Inhale through your nostril and exhale though mouth. As you inhale, imagine peace and serenity entering your being. And with every breath exhaled, let stress, negativity, all worries and anxieties go out. Inhale and exhale … continue this for 5 more counts.

Then imagine a bluish white light hovering on top of your head. This is the white light of protection coming from the Divine Being whom we call God. Feel its warmth and sacredness. Let the white light enter the top of our heads and feel it swirl inside our brain in a clockwise manner. It will cleanse the topmost part of our heads and touch the area beneath our eyes, sweeping away all the negative thoughts and clearing our abilities to contemplate. Let it swirl and cleanse until it feels very light.

From the head, feel the light travel down to the throat area to cleanse the faculties we use in expressing ourselves. Let the bluish white light swirl until the throat area becomes light. Feel it cleansed. And from the throat, the light will travel down to the center of our chest. Let the light lift the emotions that destroy us deep inside our hearts. Let the light swirl like a tornado, sweeping away all the hurt and pain, anger and frustration with people and situations in our lives. Feel it.

Let the light now travel to the solar plexus area – where the will and determination reside. Make the light swirl faster in a clockwise manner , cleaning every aspect of our will and intellect. Feel the warmth and the swirling motion. Cleanse and recharge. Then it goes down to the area below the navel, cleansing the center of our creativity and sensuality. Sweep away all the cobwebs and stagnation inside by allowing the light to swirl and swoosh. Cleanse and recharge.

From that area, let the light travel down to the base of the spine. It is very important to cleanse this area well because this is the seat of emotions and materiality. Cleanse well. Feel recharged.

From the base of the spine, let the light travel down fast to our thighs, then to our legs and out through the soles of our feet. Ground yourself with the earth. Feel the raw energy. Release the light.

From grounding, you will now let the light enter again through the soles of your feet, up to the legs, up to your thighs and buttocks, go up to the base of your spine. In a straight line, the light will pass through the area below the navel, up to the solar plexus, go up to the heart, then through the throat, up behind the eyes and finally up to the head. You had just aligned the 7 chakras or energy centers of your body.

Now let the bluish white light erupt like a volcano through the top of your head. Let it all out, spewing pure energy and the Divine Presence. We will now start cleansing the outer aura. Let that light swirl in a clockwise manner around the head area. Let it swirl and cleanse for a moment.

Then let the light descend to the shoulder area. Feel it cleansed and recharged. From this point the bluish white light must go down further until it envelopes our being. We will appear to be enveloped in white light – similar to an inverted egg shell.

Upon completion, say these aloud or mentally: I am a positive human being full of energy and love. I welcome prosperity. I embrace harmony in my life. I attract the good to come in. I am protected by God’s loving embrace! SO BE IT!….. Then say a prayer for thanksgiving.

Open your eyes and feel refreshed and positive.