I am not a fortune teller.
I am a psychic medium who was honed to use these gifts for a deeper reason and purpose other than mere “hulaan”.

I will simply look at you.
Some people use cards, crystal balls, runes and other obvious objects for divination. These are simply tools for focusing. I use the AURA (the electromagnetic field or energy surrounding a person) and VIBRATIONS as focus of my readings. Images simply flash in my mind and I tell you exactly what I see and I will tell you who you are.

I am a psychic medium.
. . . a CHANNEL between the spirit world and the physical world. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t get into a trance and shake all over just to communicate with spirits. I communicate with them using mental telepathy. Sorry to disappoint some, there are NO THEATRICALS here. Messages are delivered to close & resolve some issues between the departed and the living.

I will tell you the truth.
no matter how hurting it may be. Facing the truth will help you understand reality, Understanding reality will make you realize how stupid you can be in getting caught up in a situation. Once realization sets in, I will show you the way out or around your difficulties. When you face me, you face the mirror. Some people who could not accept reality surely despise me in the end. I will never dance to your music – because I want you to become better by practicing humility in your life. TRUTH INDEED HURTS but by learning ACCEPTANCE, you are on your way to recovery.

I will reveal to you things at the right time.
Lessons must be learned and some KARMA must be resolved first to make your life better. Not because I don’t reveal to you A LOT of things makes the reading bad. Are you sure you are ready and accepting? There are some things that God also do not allow to be said if it is part of your learning.

I will guide you in making choices in life.
I do life readings to see the root cause of your problems. I will expose the real YOU – whether you like it or not. Readings are not to fortune tell but for discovering the TRUTH about YOU, people and situations.

Lastly, I do believe in GOD.
Without HIM, my gift is nothing. He is the only source of my intuition. Honing this gift, a Jesuit priest was instrumental. As my support and guiding light, Fr. Glen Gomez is behind me.

Now, if you are ready to face me, be ready to FACE TRUTH and be HUMBLE enough to MAKE the RIGHT CHOICES IN LIFE.