Spirits are entities or energies that move around us in another dimension. They are everywhere, perpetually beside us and co-existing with us. Spirits pass through anything and everything – air, water, fire, wind and earth. They can move at the speed of light, sound and even thought. They can be seen simultaneously at different places.

There are different types of spirits moving around us. They belong to different classes and are not equal to one another in power, intelligence, knowledge and morality. Below are just some of the spirits that co-exist with us (quite popular ones).

Divine Spirits – these are the angels, ascended masters and divine guides. They have achieved a degree of purity and goodness. These spirits guide and help us with our existence as men.

Earthbound Spirits – these are spirits of those who had passed away. They are usually what we call ghosts and when they manifest in form, we call them hauntings.

Nature Spirits – the forest are bountiful of fairies or enkantadas, kapres, tikbalangs, dwendes or elves and mutyas. Just like human beings, they have their own traits, families, societies and habitat. They also have their own reasons for existence. What sets us apart is that we cannot see them and they are in a level higher than the material plane. They have the option to be seen or not by mortals.

Poltergeists – these are mischievous spirits that manipulate objects, create sound, manifest markings on the walls and move material things in general. In this case, there is no sighting of a spirit but manifestations In psychology, poltergeist activity is also attributed to disturbed individual’s energies that can go haywire. Some poltergeist activity were found attributed to some individuals who have very strong emotions and can focus negatively on their energies.

Evil Spirits – these are spirits that are impure and stir up discord and negativity among men. They draw away people from their true paths and influence them to adhere so strongly to passions, cruelty, hypocrisy, crimes and hatred.