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Predictions 2017 July 3, 2018

Written Nov. 20, 2016
aired at Radyo Negosyo Dec 31, 2017
Pinoy Vibes Jan. 1, 2017
Magandang Morning with Julius and Zen Trinidad
Todo todo Jan 2, 2017

As in the past, I’ve been warning people way way ahead about possible problems that will arise within a certain period of time. My predictions are done a month before the year ends and sometimes events that will still happen within the year is still “seen”.

To clarify, I do not do impromptu or spur of the moment predictions, as much as possible, to avoid being accused as basing the so-called reading on current news seen on tv or heard on radio.

I try to stay away from political predictions because of the kind of thinking most people have now. It is quite disappointing to be barraged with insults by bashers on social media when our predictions are published. However, no one says anything when predictions come true. And they bask real hard MEMA lang.

My past predictions have mirrored the events that is happening today or is to happen in the near future. You may check my website www.stargazer.ph for reference.

I just believe in one thing. There is no such this as coincidence. Everything is according to destiny and is allowed by God.

Changes, more changes both good and bad
Plotting of downfalls .. All sides
Underground movement in the political field.
Factions arising in government.
Unearthing of more hidden agenda.. More truth surfacing.
Sudden passing away of a controversial politician
Attempt on the life of a female politician
Passing away of a veteran politician

One military/police officer in deep controversy might surface and be forced to reveal information

Fish kills
Massive drought and pestilence of crops
New filipino invention coming up in the field of technology

Young Filipino racers will dominate the scene internationally
Martial Arts will prevail
Boxers will also reap rewards.

Religious person will issue a very bold statement but instead of being heeded, it becomes controversial.

Issues on mining and the environment

Someone retiring
Controversy of a showbiz real life couple
Accident of a young idol while on shoot
Vehicular accident of a not so young actor
Winning of an actor in the international film fest
News of a happy pregnancy

Passing away of a broadcaster

Two asian volcanoes erupting
Sink hole south american country
Massive demonstrations abroad some due to policies of the government and discontentment.

Wars will still go on in the middle east.

Sattellite falling from the sky
Plane shot down
Commecial plane crashes.. Atlantic

Something about Uzbekistan and Romania
Japan may experience a big catastrophe.
Vietnam may also be controversial.
Indonesia quake and volcano erupting
Iceland volcano getting active
Movement of glaciers
New islands rising

One big forest in flames.
Discovery of an ancient plant
Discovery of another planet
Important discovery on the oldest civilization
Something about snakes

New inventions in the medical field.. Surgical methods.
Stocks crash

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